Our Team

Our Team

As a law firm, we use our best endeavors to be progressive,
friendly and relationship driven.


Advocate High Court Co-Founder & Senior Partner
L.L.B (Hons’)-University of Leeds
L.L.M (Int. Comm.I Law)- Liverpool J.M University

Raj Ali Wahid Kunwar decided at a very young age of 9 that he wanted to be a lawyer. He was very inspired by American sitcoms, featuring lawyers, and considered law to be a very exciting profession, especially defending civil liberties of people who are wrongly accused by the State.

Growing up, he had a keen interest in debating and thus participated in Parliamentary Style debates and Declamations. He was captain of the Debating Team in his boarding school for the entire 3 years he was there and is youngest ever recipient of a Full School Blazer for outstanding performance. He carried forward this passion for debating in subsequent years of his schooling and this is what led him towards law.

Mr. Kunwar is a Senior Partner and the Co-founder of Abbasi, Kunwar & Co. and has over 10 years of experience as a lawyer, teacher and a mentor. He completed his L.L.B (Bachelors of Law) from the University of Leeds, UK in 2009, LLM (Masters of Law) from the Liverpool John Moores University, 2010 and subsequently completed his bar in 2011. He thereafter practiced as a paralegal in England initially before going on to working compliance and in house in England.

Mr. Kunwar returned to Pakistan in 2013 to pursue a career in Litigation and since then has been practicing the same. Over the course of his professional career, he has worked in several law firms and taught the University of London’s L.L.B. Hons., International in two well-reputable law schools.

He enjoys the challenges his profession presents and finds helping people very gratifying.


Advocate High Court; Co-Founder & Senior Partner
B.Com- University of Karachi
L.L.B- S.M. Law College, Karachi

Jamshed Ahmed Abbasi co-established his own practice, Abbasi, Kunwar and Co. in November 2019. His vision is to make a difference by the serving the nation and its people, using law as a medium. He believes that law is not just profession and holds a much wider and philosophical view of it. Just like the jurist Lon Fuller, He holds the view that “coherence and goodness [had] more affinity than coherence and evil” and feels strongly about protecting rights of the individuals and bringing them with justice.

He practices law because he considers it to be intellectually challenging, financially rewarding & personally fulfilling. It has helped him examine various aspects of human behavior and society.

Jamshed Ahmed Abbasi has been practicing law since 2014 and handles a wide range civil, constitutional and criminal law litigation cases. He is a member of the Sindh Bar Council, Sindh High Court Bar Association and Karachi Bar Association.


Advocate, High Court
Senior Associate
L.L.B (Hons), University of Sindh
L.L.M, University of Sindh

Mr. Soomro completed his LLB from the University of Sindh before graduating with an LLM from the same institution. Mr. Soomro is highly knowledgeable in cases related to criminal law. He regularly appears for cases of such nature, be it at the Anti-Terrorism Court, Narcotics Court, Anti-Corruption Court etc. He is currently under the tutelage of the Founding Partner.


Advocate, High Court
B.A. in Political Science- University of Sindh
L.L.B- Quaid-e-Azam Law College, Nawabshah

Zamin Ali chose law because he has always been very passionate about it and his persistence makes him very good at what he does. He strongly believes that anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it and with practice and hard work, he plans on being a very skillful, wholesome and accomplished lawyer on day. Mr. Zamin Ali has over 5 years of experience as an advocate and that makes him a very valuable addition to our team.


Advocate High Court
L.L.B- S.M Law College, Karachi
M.A (Economics)- University of Karachi, Karachi

Kashif Khan Advocate decided to pursue a career in law because of how personally fulfilling it is. He is a diligent individual who has shown immaculate progress in his career while working at Abbasi, Kunwar & Co. Mr. Khan’s innate interest in the field of law as well as his education in the relevant area prompted him to work and build a reputation in the legal world. For the past 10 years, he has worked in multiple law firms, fulfilling various roles which has further reinforced his interest in the field.

Working at Abbasi, Kunwar & Co., Kashif has been exposed to a challenging environment which has allowed him to excel out of his comfort zone. Furthermore, this environment has also developed his core set which has trained to become a skilled lawyer.

Muhammad Ali Atta Malik

Advocate, SBC
L.L.B- University of London (International Programme)

Mr. Malik used to be an intern and part of the firm’s apprenticeship program. He was offered an Associate level position in 2020 and has been assisting the firm in several matters involving legal research, preparation of legal opinions and draft pleadings on various legal assignments relating to Civil disputes, Criminal Law, and Family Law.

He has been handling all lower court cases with regards to research, drafting and even leading arguments. He is also involved in the drafting and legal research work pertaining to the Sindh High Court

Growing up with lawyers around him, he at a very young age decided that a legal career is what he wanted to pursue. It always fascinated him how law governs every part of our day-to-day life and given how curious he is about knowing everything, studying law helped him in understanding the reasons behind most laws and regulations.

He participated in a lot of national and international mooting competitions during his law school which further reinforced his interest in the legal field.

Mr. Malik hopes to make a difference and be a part of something bigger than himself.



Chief Paralegal

Mr. Imran Ghani has been an integral part of our team and has been working with Mr. Raj Ali Wahid Kunwar since the past 8 years. He is skilled in the preparation of affidavits, legal correspondence, and supervises the entire back office work in Court including filing swearing etc. He displays a strong work ethic and is very dedicated to his work

Hamza Abbasi


Mr. H. Abbasi is a treasured member of our team. His attention to detail and knowledge is invaluable. As a legal professional, Hamza is affable, empathetic and solution seeking, constantly striving to find the best resolutions. We are delighted to have him on our team.


Logistics & Librarian

Mr. Momin is the person we can always count on for anything. He handles the firm’s logistics and daily needs.

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